We demand
high standards of service and availability and work across the traditional boundaries between branches, professions and sectors.

We are one of the country's best centres of expertise which can provide you and your representatives with support and assistance when necessary. Expertise which is available for you!

We will be present when decisions which are of relevance to you are taken, both at home and abroad. It is always the needs of our members that defines the basis of our activities. Change may happen quickly and it is important that we can be there with you. Parat will be there whenever you may need us.

We are an organization that cares, and you will find it easy to get in touch with us.

We have a unique competency which stretches across the old divides between branches and sectors. With more than 41,000 members from all sectors of working life we have the experience which will enable us to help you.

We have wage agreements which cover almost all branches, sectors and professions. We can help you and your colleagues to establish, understand and develop such agreements.

Our development programme for union representatives makes us leaders in the field of recruitment, training and development of union representatives. In most case you will meet these representatives at your place of work.