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The further registration process will be in Norwegian. You can translate the registration page using e.g.Google Translate, or contact your union representative or Parat for assistance.

Why join Parat?
Parat is your insurance at work, and we provide support and assistance in your employment. We work to protect and strengthen your rights, such as wage development, holiday schemes, working time regulation and much more.

Parat is a trade union for anyone seeking:

  • Security, a sense of community and development.
  • Help and advice when you need it.
  • Representatives who will act on your behalf.
  • Collective wage agreements with associated benefits.
  • Opportunities for career guidance, educational grants, continuing education and membership activities.
  • Great discounts on banking and insurance, etc.
  • Direct contact with solicitors and consultants when you need help, both at work and privately.

Help when you need it
As a member of Parat you never stand alone in your working life. Parat provides you with a secure network of union representatives who will support you at your workplace. We also offer professional help if you experience any trouble at work. We have a large team of solicitors and consultants that are available for you to contact directly.

Parat works to provide you with the best possible working life!

Application form for membership

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