We wish to use our expertise to ensure that you have the best possible working environment. We offer a framework upon which to create a good and secure working life.

However, even the safest workplace is susceptible to changes which will affect you. Units merging, unreasonably large increases in the workload, increased use of temps, individual pay negotiations and alterations to your hours of work are some of the challenges you may face. As a member you will always have Parat on your side.

Our representatives, regional employees, lawyers and other experts will support you in the event that your employer should behave in an unacceptable manner or in contravention of the law. We will be there when you have questions abut your job, conditions, or your rights; whether it be working hours, pay, holiday, leave, illness, dismissal, restructuring or changes to the content of your job.

Our goal is that everyone be covered by a wage agreement. This means that you and your colleagues receive the right to negotiate, and may influence the conditions at your place of work. Parat is a party to wage agreements within most branches and sectors, and has agreements with all the major employers' unions in Norway. Altogether we have in excess of 70 wage agreements, and with Parat behind you are ensured that your working life will be as good and secure as at all possible.