Parat – a trade union for you


Parat is a politically independent trade union. We have 41,000 members, and organize employees in both the private and public sectors. As a union member, you have a stronger position in relation to your employer. As a member of Parat, you are ensured professional assistance on all matters that may arise at the workplace. Our representatives and staff can provide advice and assistance on matters related to e.g.:

  • Employment contract
  • Working hours
  • Continuing and further education
  • Holidays
  • Salary developments
  • Employee participation
  • Termination
  • Leave of absence
  • Pensions

Membership is an insurance that ensures you receive help if you have problems at work. As a member, you also receive offers of member discounts in banking and insurance, among other things.

Rights and benefits that many people take for granted are not regulated by statute or regulation, but are a result of collective bargaining agreements between employee and employer organizations. Norway has traditionally had a high degree of organization, and the best insurance against poorer rights in the future is that as many as possible still want to become members of trade unions.

Parat is your insurance at work!

For more information and registration, contact Parat on phone no. 48210 100or by e-mail at, or sign up here:

I would like to become a member of Parat

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