Several dental assistants, organized in the Norwegian League of Dental Assistants (ThsF) have fought for many years for the right to receive occupational injury compensation due to mercury poisoning. 

One of them, Tordis Klausen, has had a tough time over many years struggling to get the right to compensation, and this week the Norwegian Supreme Court decided that she has. Klausen is very pleased by the decision. “It has been a long and tough struggle, but today I am very happy”, Klausen says. She also says she is very grateful for the support from both ThsF and the union Parat, which ThsF is affiliated to.

“This decision, together with one earlier, similiar decision in the Supreme Court, will lead to more dental assistants recieving occupational injury compensation due to mercury poisoning”, says lawyer Anders Lindstrøm, head of Parat’s legal department.